RADE HATS COUTURE was established in 1950. and since then has successfully engaged in the specialized production of hats and caps. All products are made from the highest quality materials that are made in Serbia, Italy and other countries with traditional high quality material production…
Beside Serbia, our products are sold in countries in the region and throughout the EU.
Handmade hats, made from the finest materials on wooden molds, cherish the family tradition with care that is woven into every detail. RADE is a combination of exceptional craftsmanship and modern trends in fashion design. The focus is on the quality over mass production and the skilled craftsmanship of timeless models makes RADE recognizable.
The RADE brand points to sophistication and preciousness, which makes the hats more valuable. Possession of a RADE hat is an indisputable sign of elegance and good taste.

Few Steps To Perfect Hat














1. To determine your head size, you need a measure. It can be a dressmaker's tape or a soft tape.
2. If possible, ask someone for help.
3. When measuring, make sure that the tape is placed across 3 crucial areas:

  • Above your eyebrows
  • Above your ears, right where you want to wear a hat
  • Across the outermost part of the back of your head, where the hat will sit.

  • 4. The measure result is circumference of your head and the hat size that fits you.
    If, for example, a head circumference is equal to 58 cm, a 58 cm hat should be ordered.If your measurement falls between siyes, the next largest size is recommended.


  • Don't pull the tape too tightly when measuring!
  • If you don't have dressmaker's tape, make use of a string, aftermarking the exact circumference, lie the string down and measure the lenght with a ruler.
  • Measure several times to be accurate and sure of the correctly measured head size.
  • Visit us and choose ready to wear hats and caps, or order custom designed products according to your wishes

    You can find us on following locations in Belgrade:

    Balkanska 34 store nr.1      ∣     Balkanska 34 store nr. 2

    • for ladies and gentlemen

    • for all seasons

    • for every generation


    In the 1950s. when it was unimaginable to see a respected Belgrade gentleman on the street without a hat, Radoslav Rade Stefanovic, educated hat-maker, proudly opened his shop. His business, located in the Balkan street, the main transversal of old Belgrade, was an instant success. Rade's son Bratislav will continue the family tradition and the love for millinery until 2005, after which the craftsmanship is continued and business taken over by his daughter and Rade's granddaughter Vera with her husband Goran Milosevic. The family tradition continues to preserve the charm and panache of classic dress and timeless fashion detail - the Hat.

    Today, our shop is a favorite place of old crafts lovers, as well as an inevitable stop for many tourists who are delighted to watch the artisan of skilled masters and, without exception, purchase at least one of our products.

    Series, movies, theater plays, manifestations...

    We also produce hats and caps for theater plays, manifestations, festivals, TV series and movies... Costume directors from theatres and various stylists order our goods, so we were engaged for many movie, television and theatre projects as "Selo gori, a baba se češlja", "Moj rođak sa sela", "Maratonci", "Čikago", "Sveti Georgije ubiva aždahu", "Montevideo, Bog te video" , "Senke nad Balkanom" , "Na Mlečnom putu" , "Fade to Black", "Belo Odelo" , "Šešir profesora Koste Vujića" , "Greh njene mame", "Ranjeni orao", " Čizmaši", "Kralj Petar Prvi u slavu Srbije"...